Available Sublevel Domains   None 
Other restrictions details  Restrictions of Applicant ------------------------------ This TLD is designated specifically for hiring managers in every business. It's for those tasked with communicating employment opportunities at their organization along with those managing other human resource elements in their business. Domains can be registered by legitimate employers only. Registrants must: - Be tasked with hiring or other HR duties on behalf of their own employer organization; - Be authorized to purchase their companyname.jobs on behalf of their employer organization; - Agree to abide by the .jobs Use Policies; and (http://www.employmedia.com/faq.html) - Agree to abide by the SHRM Code of Professional Ethics (http://www.shrm.org/ethics/code-of-ethics.asp) Usage restrictions of Web Site ------------------------------ - Websites at .jobs domains may only be used to post information about the company, such as company 19s job postings, company culture, company information, etc. - There is no requirement on the domain actively being used. - Third party job postings (i.e., job boards) are not allowed. Non-HR-related uses are not allowed. - .jobs will enforce the use restrictions 13 Non-compliant websites will be shut down and domain registration cancelled if necessary. 
Min Characters per Domain Name 
Max Characters per Domain Name  63 
Purely numeric domain  Yes 
IDN offered   
Reserved words list / link   Domain names on reserved domain names lists, such as ICANN 19s reserved list, can not be registered. Occupational identifiers, industry identifiers, geographic names, profane words and generic terms can not be registered. 
Name Server registration needed  No 
Zone Preload  No 
Mail Address  No 
Local DNS required  No 
Minimum number of name servers 
Maximum number of name servers 
Dispute Resolution Policy  None 
Dispute Resolution Policy Link  None 
NIC Registration Agreement  http://www.employmedia.com/registrationAgreement.html