Available Sublevel Domains   None 
Other restrictions details   
Min Characters per Domain Name 
Max Characters per Domain Name  63 
Purely numeric domain  Yes 
IDN offered   
Reserved words list / link   City-names are reserved for their respective municipalities or district governors. Country names are reserved for their respective embassies or consulates. Names such as ibm.bg or coca-cola.bg, which would likely be claimed by another applicant cannot be registered. Following names are reserved for the Registry: bgnic.bg, bg-nic.bg, nic.bg, register.bg, nicbg.bg, nic-bg.bg, registry.bg, domain.bg, domain-registry.bg and internet.bg If the registry decides that a registration could lead to confusion or disputes, registration will be denied. See also http://res-dom.iana.org/. 
Name Server registration needed  No 
Zone Preload  Yes 
Mail Address  No 
Local DNS required  No 
Minimum number of name servers 
Maximum number of name servers 
Dispute Resolution Policy  None 
Dispute Resolution Policy Link  None 
NIC Registration Agreement  http://www.register.bg/regprocedure_eng.html