Available Sublevel Domains   None 
Other restrictions details  -Strict data requirement on Contacts (refer to 2.0). -Strict ISO format on relevant data (refer to 2.0). -Postal Code must match that of a Swiss address. -Strict NS requirement (refer to 1.6).  
Min Characters per Domain Name 
Max Characters per Domain Name  24 
Purely numeric domain  Yes 
IDN offered  Yes 
Reserved words list / link   When the Registry, SWITCH, suspects an obvious trademark violation, it is authorised to request a signed document from the registrant, declaring no violation of third party 19s rights. 
Name Server registration needed  Yes 
Zone Preload  Yes. -NS must be active. -NS must be registered with SWITCH 
Mail Address  No 
Local DNS required  No 
Minimum number of name servers 
Maximum number of name servers 
Dispute Resolution Policy  http://www.switch.ch/id/terms/agb.html 
Dispute Resolution Policy Link  http://www.switch.ch/id/terms/agb.html 
NIC Registration Agreement  http://www.switch.ch/id/terms/agb.html