Available Sublevel Domains   HK, COM.HK, EDU.HK, GOV.HK, IDV.HK, NET.HK, ORG.HK, XN--55QX5D.HK 
Other restrictions details  None 
Min Characters per Domain Name 
Max Characters per Domain Name  57 
Purely numeric domain  Yes 
IDN offered  Yes 
Reserved words list / link   1. HKDNR has the right to reserve particular Domain Names from registration from time to time. 2. 1-character words, second-level domains under .hk, generic top-level domains and 2-character country codes as defined in ISO 3166 are prohibited from being registered as Domain Names. 3. With the exception of those registered under .gov.hk, Domain Names that consist of or contain a reference to the word "government" or related wordings and such use is likely, in the opinion of HKDNR to connote that the Customer has HKSAR Government's authorisation shall not be registered. 4. HKDNR is entitled to refuse any application for a Domain Name due to other technical and operational considerations. See also http://www.hkdnr.net.hk/eng/legal/rules.html. 
Name Server registration needed  No 
Zone Preload  No 
Mail Address  No 
Local DNS required  No 
Minimum number of name servers 
Maximum number of name servers 
Dispute Resolution Policy  Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy 
Dispute Resolution Policy Link  https://www.hkdnr.hk/register/how_to_register.jsp?path=register&item=1 
NIC Registration Agreement  https://www.hkdnr.hk/register/registraion_agreement.jsp?path=register&item=2