Available Sublevel Domains    
Other restrictions details  Unknown 
Min Characters per Domain Name 
Max Characters per Domain Name  63 
Purely numeric domain  Yes 
IDN offered   
Reserved words list / link   In accordance with Government Policy of Lao PDR and for the purpose of benefiting the Lao people a number of names are reserved. For policy reasons a number of domain names are restricted. This affects less than 500 domain names. See also http://www.lanames.la. 
Name Server registration needed  No 
Zone Preload  No 
Mail Address  No 
Local DNS required  No 
Minimum number of name servers 
Maximum number of name servers 
Dispute Resolution Policy  Uniform Domain Resolution Policy 
Dispute Resolution Policy Link  http://www.lanames.la 
NIC Registration Agreement  Please, refer to LA_RegAgreement.pdf document at http://www.lanames.la.